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Wholesale Eye of Round Beef Roast - 45 lbs Box

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Price per lb: $6.99
Packaged in 5 lbs vacuum bags - totaling 9 bags
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Sourced from trusted suppliers renowned for their commitment to quality, our Eye of Round Beef guarantees unmatched freshness and flavor, ensuring a memorable dining experience every time. Perfect for discerning chefs and food enthusiasts alike, this premium cut offers endless possibilities for creative culinary exploration.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Usage: Whether you're roasting, grilling, or slicing thin for sandwiches, bihari kabab, pasanda, or sliced beef meat delicacy this cut offers endless culinary possibilities to satisfy a variety of palates.
  • Bulk Convenience: Each 45 lbs box contains approximately 9 to 10 roasts, making it perfect for restaurants, caterers, food trucks, and other establishments seeking value and convenience in bulk purchases.
  • Halal Certified: We take pride in delivering only the best. Our Boneless Beef is certified by the Halal Food Standards Alliance of America (HFSAA), ensuring it meets stringent Halal requirements.
  • No Stun: Unlike some industrial practices, our beef is not stunned before slaughter, preserving the integrity of traditional Halal methods.

    Weight: 45 lbs

    Product of USA

    Note: If the box contains less than 45 lbs of meat, we will issue a refund for the difference in weight.

    Product Usage Guidelines:

    • Immediate Use: This product is intended for immediate use. While products may not arrive frozen, they will be cold to touch (40°F or less). Refreezing is not recommended. And any such action is at your own risk.
    • Temperature: If you suspect that the meat temperature exceeds 40°F, please use a probe thermometer (not a surface thermometer). Insert the probe into the center of the meat, take the temperature reading, and send us pictures containing the temperature reading.

    Safe Handling Instructions:

    This product was prepared from inspected and passed meat and/or poultry. Some food products may contain bacteria that could cause illness if the product is mishandled or cooked improperly. For your protection, follow these safe handling instructions.

    • Keep Refrigerated or Frozen. Thaw in Refrigerator.
    • Keep Raw Meat and Poultry separate from other foods. Wash working surfaces (including cutting boards), utensils, and hands after touching raw meat or poultry.
    • Cook thoroughly.
    • Keep hot foods hot. Refrigerate leftovers immediately or discard.